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Before beginning any exercise regimen, always consult a physician. All suggestions on this blog are just that-- only suggestions. Each individual is responsible for deciding what is best for them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still moving!

Well, although I've been noticeably absent from this blog, I've still been trying to eat right and exercise!

I was recently called to the Relief Society presidency in my ward, and between meetings, working overtime, and school, well, you know....

The good news is that I'm praying for a reduction in my workload and continuing to exercise, even if it's 10 PM when I get home. My motivation? One of my friends recently ran a half marathon at Disneyworld. I want a Donald Duck medal!

My husband promised to take me to Disneyworld if I could do a half marathon in a "reasonable" amount of time. I'm shooting for three hours. So far, I've increased my treadmill work from 2.5 MPH for 10 minutes to 3.2 MPH for 33 minutes. I have a long way to go, but I have a year.

My efforts have been paying off. Four pounds so far. Not thrilling, but a start. All you need is a start....


  1. Good for Lynn! Keep on going. Maybe I need to join you in that half Marathon. We'll see what we can do!


  2. It's next January! I've also lost 7 inches overall.....and raised my Wii "Biggest Loser" fitness level from moderate to challenging....


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