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Before beginning any exercise regimen, always consult a physician. All suggestions on this blog are just that-- only suggestions. Each individual is responsible for deciding what is best for them.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Journal - Physical--Up and At it Again - Day 7

By Randy McNeely

Hello all my loyal followers! It's great to be at the beginning of another new week.

Well, today was hard. Trying to peel myself off the mattress was like trying to peel dried paint of your windshield. After much mental exercise I manage to slither out of bed.

I'm glad I did. I did my lower body workout and I feel great.

I also weighed myself. I'm down 2 lbs. from last week. Not as good as I'd hoped, but still moving down. Yea!

I should note that I cheated. Well not really. Normally I don't exercise on Sunday. And I didn't do it on purpose yesterday. However, when the snow comes, there's no getting around getting a workout here as I have a huge driveway. So I got a de-facto workout whether I wanted to or not.

Happy exercising, eating right, etc!

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