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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Quest

Everyone in life starts out on quests. Like knights of a past time those quests can be an honest and sincere wish to see improvement or a misguided crusade where people or ideals get hurt. A lot of life is figuring out the path that our life will take, and yes where we go is our choice. There are times when we wish that we could blame where our life has brought us on someone else or uncontrollable situations, but never give in. Never give away the power that is in you to choose where your life is going to take you.

There was a time in my life when I gave away my power – when I forgot that I had a choice where I wanted my life to go and it led me to being 240 pounds.

Growing up I was never quite comfortable with myself, I always saw myself as fat. I have looked at so many pictures from my childhood and remember what I felt in those moments, shame and embarrassment of myself. Those feelings should have had no merit. Anyone looking at my childhood would have seen a normal child. I was not overweight but that was how I felt. I do not share these feelings to gain pity but to relate to all the people out there who I know felt the same way.

Those feelings were what I focused on and eventually those insecurities I made into my reality. As I was growing (In age and girth) I told myself all the different excuses –“I eat like everyone else, I shouldn’t have to change”, “I already give up so much, I can’t give up more”, “What if I fail…” Those thoughts were reoccurring constantly in my mind. I didn’t know what my potential was and I didn’t know if I could ever get there, so for years I didn’t try.

The day I decided to change nothing traumatic happened but I made a choice. Every pivotal point in our lives starts with a choice. I didn’t know where that choice would take me, I didn’t know what my success would look like, but I made a choice that I wanted to be healthy. I made being healthy both physically and spiritually a quest for myself; a quest to discover what my potential is. I have gone from 240 pounds to 175 pounds. The liberation that I feel is undeniable. I feel that I am still on my quest to discover my ultimate potential but I invite you to join along in my journey. Make a choice in your life today. Decide what you will no longer accept and take your power back. Never give up your power to choose.


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