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Before beginning any exercise regimen, always consult a physician. All suggestions on this blog are just that-- only suggestions. Each individual is responsible for deciding what is best for them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Journal - Physical- Two Days in a Row!

By Randy McNeely

Quick Journal Entry

Tuesday Jan 4, 2010

Up at 5:00. I had a real mind over mattress battle, but I won! Yea for me.

The purpose of this entry is to explain what a little bit about what I'm doing for me on a daily basis. Don't worry, all the entries won't be this long.

I've worked out a schedule that works for me. I recommend everyone find what works for them and stick to it.

For me, I'll be working my legs and stomach on Mondays, my upper body on Tuesdays, and doing aerobic exercises on Wednesdays. Then I'll start the cycle again for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Yesterday (Monday) I exercised for half an hour.

What I do every day to start out with is stretching. I found that for me this helps me get warmed up for the real exercising. I start by jogging in place for 1 minute then I go into the stretching. I do exercises to stretch my back, legs, arms and calves.

Then I go into the exercises. I do a workout designed for both weight loss and muscle strengthening. It combines both aerobic exercise (jogging in place between the main exercises) and specific exercises for specific muscle groups. The workout came with the Bodylastics resistance bands I purchased a couple of years ago.

I don't have a lot of time to go into the exercises here, but I will try to get more detail later this week.

Bottom line, yesterday I worked my legs by doing squats and reverse leg thrusts. Then I worked my abbs and lower back by doing back extensions (laying on your stomach, stretching your arms over your head, and lifting your arms and legs off the floor at the same time), bended knee crunches, leg raises, and full body sit ups. After stretching and before doing squats, I jogged in place for 30 seconds. I also do that in between the squats and reverse thrusts and the back extensions. The back extensions and other exercises are all done in succession without jogging in between.

Today I did the usual stretching. Then I did pushups and several upper body exercises using the Bodylastics resistance bands.

Two days down. I feel great!

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